【※募集終了】12月14日(水)開催「Kansai Life Science Accelerator Program(KLSAP) 2022 Innovation Showcase(デモデイ)」



今年7月に開催されたKansai Life Science Accelerator Program 2022 ピッチイベントの上位入賞優秀企業3社が、米国のCalifornia Life Sciences(CLS)による約3か月にわたるアクセラレータープログラムに参加し、その成果を発表する場として12月14日(水)にInnovation Showcase(デモデイ)が開催されます。当日はCLSがカリフォルニアで実施しているプログラムのスタートアップ6社もピッチを行います。

■日時:2022年12月14日(水)10:00 – 13:30 (オンライン視聴は10:30-12:45) ※日本時間





10:00~:受付開始 ※会場参加者

10:30-10:35:開会のあいさつ Ms. Sibylle Hauser (CLS)

10:35-10:40:基調講演 Ashley Zehnder, Founder and CEO, Fauna Bio



12:40-12:45:閉会のあいさつ Ms. Shikha Sharma (CLS)

12:45-13:30:ネットワーキング ※会場参加者



株式会社Aikomi:Develop AI driven digital therapeutic platform for personalized multi sense cognitive stimulation for people with dementia and their families and caregivers.

株式会社セルファイバ:Provide cell therapy through mass bio-production of cells using cell culture platform technology.

株式会社ミーバイオ:Utilizing photo switch proteins for the wider biotech market and create new industries by providing research tools, gene therapy and regenerative medicine to improve bio productions.


Acelot:Acelot developa small molecules that inhibit multiple toxic protein species associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

Angeles Therapeutics:Angeles Therapeutics is a next generation cell therapy company. With its CAR design, it has solved the problem of lack of efficacy of CARs in solid tumors.

Biomark Onology:BioMark Oncology is a translationally enabled, preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a platform to further the use of response biomarkers in clinical trials.

f5 Therapeutics:f5 Therapeutics Incorporated is a privately-held pharmaceutical company that is expanding the scope of degradable targets in the targeted protein degradation arena via our NExMods™ platform.

Tab Diagnostic:Tab Diagnostics is a non-invasive diabetes testing and monitoring company developing the first portable saliva-based, graphene field-effect transistor assay to measure Glycated Albumin (diabetic biomarker).

Weatherwax Biotechnologies:Weatherwax Biotechnologies is a seed-stage startup developing the next generation of induced-proximity medicines.